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Does Zumba Burn A Lot Of Calories?


Weight loss has been one of the most trending topics on the internet lately. In a way it is good that we are becoming more conscious about our health, however, if we are not clear about the fitness approach, it will be very difficult for us to get in shape. There are thousands of ways to lose weight, but one should know what is best for him/her. In this article, we will be touching upon one interesting method – Zumba. Yes, you must have been familiar with this term and it is also true that many fitness enthusiasts have been taking up Zumba for weight loss attainment.

Lets’s deep dive into this topic today.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a dance program that was created by a Colombian choreographer Alberto Perez in the ’90s. This dance form basically includes hip-hop, salsa, mambo, aerobics, and samba. What is interesting about Zumba is its dance moves, which is extremely easy to pick up and is extremely effective.

You will get a full body workout with just one Zumba session. Since, its all music based workouts, you will have a different energy level as these songs and beats can keep you going for hours.

Zumba dance is generally performed with a group of people so that itself can be a good motivation. All the participants can inspire one another and keep pushing hard until the end of the session.

How much weight can you lose with Zumba in a month?

Zumba gives you an amazing cardio workout. With so many variations of dance forms involved, Zumba helps you burn calories really fast. One session or an hour of Zumba dance help you burn around 500 calories. On an average, you need to burn around 3,500 calories in order to lose one pound of weight.

Does Zumba Burn A Lot Of Calories

So, with 3 sessions of Zumba, you can lose up to 1 pound. On average, without changing your eating habits, you can lose close to 2-3 pounds.

However, if you are really serious about weight loss and if you plan to eat less and eat healthily, you will lose close to 7-8 pounds a month. Since Zumba dance gives a full body workout, it makes up for other physical activities that you may otherwise choose, such as cycling or jogging.

How to lose weight with Zumba?

Here are certain things you need to know about Zumba for weight loss.

  • Stay clear on your goals: If you have been planning to lose weight and have been failing to try different methods over the years, then the problem is not with the weight loss methods, the problem is with your mindset. You need to be really focused and determined about weight loss if that is your goal. Once you have that firm in your mind, the rest of the things will fall in place. So, set a goal and stick to it no matter what.
  • Set an achievable weight loss goal: Everyone can lose weight if they really wish. However, a lot of people fail in the process because they do not have a clear goal defined. Therefore, you have to set a clear goal as to how many pounds you wish to lose with Zumba. It could be 10 pounds or even 20 pounds, it is all achievable. However, it is always sensible to set smaller goals, so when you achieve them, you will be mentally set for bigger goals.
  • Plan your schedule and stay consistent: This is the most important part. A lot of people complain that they have a busy schedule and hence are not regular with workouts. Stop giving excuses if you are really serious about your health. Plan your Zumba workout schedule, take a print out and carry it with your all the time. Treat this very seriously as this will define what the kind of person you. If you cannot plan your workout schedule and stick to it, then you are most likely failing to meet your goals in other areas of your life as well. Therefore, clearly chalk out a schedule and stick to it.
  • Eat healthily: It is easy to order Burgers or French fries from Mc Donalds than to cook something healthy at home these days. However, if you put in some time to understand the amount of trash you are serving yourself with, you will quickly make some lifestyle changes. You do not have to become a vegan or practice a GM diet. Just make some small changes to your eating habits. Include fruits and veggies in your diet, have protein-rich food and you are good to go.

 Does Zumba Burn A Lot Of Calories

The benefits of Zumba

  • Here are some benefits you get practicing Zumba on a regular basis:
  • Helps in losing weight fast
  • Tones your body
  • Brings down the fat percentage in your body, builds lean muscles
  • Increases your body flexibility and makes you active
  • Improves your endurance and stamina
  • Keeps you happy and calm
  • Bonus: you will become a better dancer

Frequently Asked Questions about Zumba

Will Zumba reduce belly fat?

Zumba is a total body workout that helps you lose weight if it is done regularly. Just like any other form of workout, Zumba is a mix of dance forms.

However, you cannot just focus on losing fat in just one part of your body. There is no such workout that will help you lose fat in a specific area. It doesn’t work that way. Instead of looking for shortcuts and quick fixes, you will have to look at the bigger picture.

Which one is better for weight loss, Zumba or a workout exercise?

This completely depends on your preference. Both Zumba and gym workouts help in weight loss. However, if you are a person who loves building muscles quickly and are ready to put in a lot of efforts, then the gym is the place for you. Zumba is more like a fun activity, which has some good music and dance.

The idea here is, you are not consciously focusing on losing weight with Zumba. It is a session where you just forget everything and start dancing for fun. When you do this for several months, your body automatically tones up and you would have lost some extra inches off your waist and other parts of your body.

However, when you go to the gym, you are always aware that you are working out to get in shape; thereby you constantly look for motivation to keep you going. This is why Zumba is a success, as people do not feel pressurized by the thought of going for a Zumba session as against a gym workout session.

How long should you do Zumba in a day?

If you are a beginner, then it is best you start off with 20 minutes of Zumba dancing for 3 times a week. As you get a little comfortable with this routine, gradually increase the time limit to 30 minutes.

After about 2 months you can have 60 minutes of Zumba sessions thrice a week. If you develop an interest for Zumba, then there is absolutely nothing wrong in dancing for 60 minutes a day for 7 days a week.

You will find your own answer for this question as it is all about how much you really like Zumba and how much you can dedicate yourself to it.

Zumba classes’ categorization

There are millions of people across the globe who attends Zumba classes on a weekly basis. Generally, the duration is between 45 minutes to 1 hour. During the session, the trainees start off with warm-up exercise and then proceed with the Zumba dance workouts.

Zumba classes can be divided into 8 categories and they are as follows:

Zumba Fitness:  This is a regular Zumba class that anyone can enroll into.

Zumba Toning: This is designed for people who are willing to tone their body fast. The program includes a lot of cardio and muscle building activities that helps in body sculpting.

Zumba Gold: This is similar to the regular Zumba classes, but this is designed for the aged people. Therefore the exercise is easy and light for them to follow.

Zumba Sentao: This is a chair workout that is pretty unique and it is designed for body toning. There is no use of equipment; the trainees use their body weight to tone up.

Aqua Zumba:  This is nothing but the regular Zumba class that is practiced in a swimming pool.

Zumbatomic: This is exclusively designed for kids from the age group of 5 to 12 years. The workouts are similar to the regular Zumba fitness class; however, the exercises are quite easy to follow.

Zumba benefits

Zumba for beginners

A lot of people who are planning to start off with Zumba are not sure as to when they can do their Zumba sessions. The best time to do Zumba is early in the morning as you will feel energetic.

The workout will also boost your metabolism and help you burn calories throughout the day. If you are a college going student or a working adult, you will be so pumped up after a Zumba session. Your mind will be really active and you will be productive throughout the day.

So, how does Zumba for weight loss work? Here is a step by step dance workout for beginners.  So, if you are starting out and need some help, this one is for you. Do watch the video and follow the moves.

Zumba for weight loss – Success Story

Now here is something that will make you join Zumba classes right away.

Alena Shifrin lost 155 pounds with Zumba.  Alena spent much of her life being overweight, she weighed 305 pounds during her college days.

It was after her marriage that she actually struggled with her own weight, not being able to do the regular house chores.  After realizing the intensity of the problem, she decided to join a Zumba class. Alena stuck to her daily classes and was fully dedicated.

Zumba was something that she really felt connected with, as it made her feel light both physically and emotionally.  After almost one year into Zumba, Alena had lost 100 pounds, this was a strong enough reason for her to stick to Zumba and as a result, she lost 155 pounds. She has 2 lovely daughters and a loving husband, Alena is leading a super awesome life now. Watch Alena’s story here.

Zumba can be a life-transforming activity if you are really dedicated. Small and positive changes to your eating habits and maintaining consistency in your Zumba sessions is all you need to transform your life physically as well as mentally.

Do not waste any time, either purchase a Zumba home DVD or join a Zumba class today in your locality and transform your life.

zumba for weight loss