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This Is What Happens To Your Skin When You Quit Smoking

What happens to your skin after you quit smoking

First of all, if you have quit smoking, you have made one of the best decisions of your life. Everything about your health will completely change for good. After you quit smoking, your body begins a large-scale cleansing and your skin will start recovering its elasticity. 

Your complexion will become brighter in the first couple of weeks and after a year, your skin will regain its original vitality. However, you need to choose a healthy diet filled with nutrition and vitamins. The smoke emitted from a cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals. These are extremely dangerous and can even cause cancer. 

If you are a smoker and have been trying to quit smoking, this post will certainly help you. Here’s a quick summary of what happens to your skin after you quit smoking.

One week after you quit smoking

Within one week, you will notice that your skin health is getting better due to increased oxygen supply and antioxidant levels. This will be an ideal time to get into a healthy routine of consuming vitamin-rich food. Vitamins can stimulate collagen production, which will speed up your body’s healing ability.

One month after you quit smoking

If you have managed to stick to a healthy routine, you will begin to notice some visible differences in your skin. Nicotine is harmful, it disrupts the microcirculation process, forcing blood vessels to shut down. This results in premature skin aging. However, a month after you quit smoking, your blood circulation recovers, and ample nutrients and oxygen get delivered to your skin. This is when you will start to notice that your smoke-related acne breakouts reducing.

Six months into a new lifestyle

If you have managed to stick to a healthy routine for six months, you are almost on the right path to faster recovery. This is when you will start seeing real results. By now, many people feel much better and can handle stressful situations without having to go for a smoke. If you have strictly followed a skincare regime, you will notice that the process would have already smoothed out fine lines and evened out the dark spots. 

One year after your quit smoking

By now, you will be officially called a non-smoker. You would have won 80% of the battle by now as the risk for coronary heart disease decreases and your lung performance improves to a great extent. Without a doubt your skin tone will improve as more oxygen flows back into your skin cells, giving you that extra glow. Healthwise, you would have gained your stamina to perform intense physical activities. Do not be surprised if you feel energetic and more physically active than ever before. To keep the momentum going, you can also join a community of fitness enthusiasts and take part in various phyisical activities. You will be confident enough to participate in marathons or join a gym to workout regularly.

A lot of things change subconsiously within a person after he quits smoking. Not just the physical appearance, his energy levels will change drastically. One will have more clarity and would develop a postive mindset to do something that is more healthy. The reason is simple, a person who has managed to quit smoking, would always find ways to never go back to smoking. Therefore, the person would try their best to stick to healthy habits and do everything that improves their health and lifestyle.


Quitting smoking has a wide range of benefits that most often continue to improve with time. It significantly halts tobacco’s impact on your appearance and prevents tooth decay or wrinkling of the skin, which are by-products of smoking. 

Bad habits never make a good influence on your health. Smoking has only done more damage to humans, even though many of them are still addicted to smoking. Aging should be a slow process and your body should be allowed to age naturally. For all the smokers out there, I hope this post was of some value add. If you can stay without smoking for 21 days, I am sure, you would be able to quit smoking forever.

If you have already quit smoking, then great. The longer you stick with it, the more you will notice these health benefits. You will see a massive difference in your energy levels, the way you feel, and the way you appear. Your skin will look vibrant and you will start enjoying every bit of your new life.