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5 Effective Indian Home Remedies For Glaucoma


Can Glaucoma be cured? Yes! There are some Indian home remedies for Glaucoma that is proven to be effective, this post will bring out 5 such effective remedies.

What is Glaucoma?

Indian Home Remedies For Glaucoma

Glaucoma, a condition that affects the optic nerve in the eye is detrimental to your health and can potentially lead to loss of vision. It can also lead to cataracts and macular degeneration.

Glaucoma can be categorized into 2 types. i.e. open-angle glaucoma and narrow-angle glaucoma. The conditioned is termed as open-angle glaucoma when the aqueous fluid can access the drainage angle, and it is called narrow-angle glaucoma when the angle is blocked and thereby making the aqueous fluid unable to reach it.

What are the symptoms of Glaucoma?

Here are some symptoms of glaucoma:

  • Blurring of vision
  • Severe eye pain
  • A gradual loss of peripheral vision
  • Redness of the eyes

Treatment for Glaucoma

You can treat glaucoma and prevent the complications arising from it with some home remedies, below mentioned are 5 home remedies for glaucoma:

1. Ashwagandha

This is a popular ayurvedic herb which has several benefits. It eases stress, relaxes your mind and also supports vitality and wellbeing. Experts believe that ashwagandha can counter mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is the underlying problem in glaucoma, they are known as the powerhouses of the cell, which can damage your nerve fiber layer.

Ashwagandha can cure this problem. Mix 1 tablespoon of ashwagandha powder in a glass of lukewarm water and consume it before going to bed.

Do this for at least 45-60 days and you will notice a major improvement with your vision.

2. Almonds

If you are following a healthy diet, then you know how vital consuming almonds are. The omega 2 fatty acids and the other vitamins in almonds are known to improve your eyesight.

Consuming almonds regularly can help, however, this may take a few months. You can either take almonds as is or make a paste of almonds and drink it with a glass of milk.

Consume almonds every day for at least 3 months, until you notice some improvement.

3. Triphala

This one is one of the most popular herbs out there. It can be consumed or can even be used as an eyewash. Triphala helps in protecting vision by easing the intraocular pressure in the eyes.

Also known as an anti-inflammatory agent, Triphala can prevent damage to the optic nerve, retina or other ocular tissues.

Ayurvedic experts promote Triphala as it is effective in controlling the disorders that may increase the risk of glaucomas, such as ocular hypertension and diabetes.

4. Amla or Phyllanthus Emblica

Amla is known to be one of the best solutions in Ayurveda to treat glaucoma. It is rich in vitamin C, which produces an antioxidant action and effectively protects the ocular tissues against the damage that is caused by free radicals.

You can also use it as an eye tonic as it improves vision and controls the flow of blood through the eyes, thereby preventing an increase in the intraocular pressure.

Ayurvedic experts believe that it helps in preventing any damage that can be caused to the optic nerve and the retina and thereby helps in reducing the risk of retinal damage or blindness.

You can consume the amla juice that is mixed with honey. Take half a glass of this juice, twice a day for 3 months. You will see a remarkable improvement in your eyesight.

5. Curcumin

Curcumin, an ingredient that is present in turmeric can be used to treat glaucoma. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that drastically reduces inflammation in the eyes.

It is known to destroy free radicals and also prevent the damage to the ocular tissues. You can improve your vision by regularly using curcumin.

All the other complications of glaucoma such as blindness or retinal damage can all be effectively tackled by regularly taking curcumin. Researchers have confirmed that curcumin can be used in eye drops to treat glaucoma.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions with regards to Glaucoma.

What types of food should you avoid if you have glaucoma?

In case you have already been diagnosed with glaucoma, you should avoid all forms of processed food. These foods are high in sugar, salt and have very less nutritional value. Choose an alternative diet plan that is rich in nutrition.

Go for fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. You can also include whole grains, seeds, and nuts. Veggies like tomatoes contain a nutrient known as lutein. Scientific research over the years has claimed that Lutein can improve eye health significantly.

You can start eating vegetable salads every day. You will certainly see an overall improvement in your health.

What is the difference between cataracts and glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition where a buildup of pressure in your eye causes damage to the optic nerve, which is considered a vital link of the eye to the brain that processes visual information.

However, cataract is a change in the lens of the eye. The result is blurred vision, as light is prevented from entering the eye properly.

Can glaucoma cause headaches?

Glaucoma does not produce any major symptoms except the loss of patches of vision. In general, it does not cause a headache.

However, with Acute glaucoma, which is an emergency condition, it can present as a nauseating headache, which can later result in the loss of vision.

Can coffee raise the pressure in your eyes?

Drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee can cause eye pressure to go up. This will affect glaucoma patients to an extent. But, the eye pressure goes up in small amount. So, you can still consume 1-2 cups of coffee a day and there will not be any serious risk.


Even though the above-mentioned remedies can be used to prevent and treat glaucoma, it is best to check with a doctor as to what the best exercises and treatments are for treating it. Having said that, following a healthy lifestyle will keep you away from such health-related issues.

5 Effective Indian Home Remedies For Glaucoma