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How To Prevent Loose Skin After Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Let’s face it, losing weight is tough. If it was easy, everybody would be in shape and the world wouldn’t be in the midst of an obesity crisis. For some, losing weight is tougher than others, which is when weight loss surgery such as a gastric bypass could prove so useful. Studies related to this subject matter has shown that, after the gastric bypass surgery, most patients rapidly lose weight in the first 6 to 12 months. They may lose close to 50% of their excess weight in the first 6 months, and around 75% of excess weight in 12 months after surgery.

As you may already know that gastric bypass is a medical procedure in which the stomach is split into a smaller upper pouch and a much larger lower pouch known as a ‘remnant’ pouch, before having the small intestine rearranged in order for it to connect to both. The idea here is that the new “stomach” is much smaller and so you feel full quicker, consume fewer calories, and lose weight rapidly. 

As effective as gastric bypass surgery can be, one of the biggest drawbacks of this particular surgery is the fact that, because you lose weight so quickly, this can leave you with loose and sagging skin, which can become quite unsightly. Most of the people who have had the gastric bypass surgery face the same issue. However, there is a good news. There is nothing that cannot be healed with nutrition rich food and a healthy daily routine.

So, if you are concerned about loose skin after a gastric bypass, here are some handy tips to prevent it and tone up. 

Take a collagen supplement

How to prevent loose skin after gastric bypass

One of the most effective ways of treating and preventing loose skin after a gastric bypass is to take a collagen supplement. 

Collagen is a protein which occurs naturally in the body, that helps to plump up the skin, increase its elasticity, and firm it out. 

By taking a collagen supplement, you can naturally increase collagen levels in the body and improve skin elasticity, which will help to leave it firmer and less susceptible to sagging. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

Following a balanced diet does wonders to your health. In fact, most of your health related problems would subside considerably if you eat healthy. Consider following a balanced diet and consume essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, multivitamin supplements or fish oil capsules, these supplements can improve the overall skin health. Also, do consider having zinc and protein. Protein contains amino acids lysine and proline, both of which contribute to collagen production. Fish is a source of omega 3 fatty acids that are responsible for increasing skin elasticity. Get your diet right and it will help you tone up after the gastric bypass surgery.

Stay well hydrated

How to prevent loose skin after gastric bypass

Another very useful tip for people looking to prevent loose skin after weight loss surgery is to drink plenty of water and to stay well hydrated. 

Drinking plenty of water can do wonders for your skin, as not only will it help to give it a healthy glow, it will also help to maintain skin elasticity levels and plump the skin cells out, which again, will leave you with firmer, more toned and elastic skin which is far less prone to becoming loose. 


How to prevent loose skin after gastric bypass

Exercise is important for a whole host of different reasons, and if you’ve recently had gastric bypass surgery and are worried that your skin may start to become loose and saggy, exercise is vital. 

When you exercise, especially with weights and resistance exercises, you are helping to build and tone the muscles which will help to keep the skin much firmer, and your muscles a great deal more toned. 

As well as that, exercise also burns calories so you can maintain your weight or continue losing fat, without having to worry about weight gain. 

Use a salt scrub

How to prevent loose skin after gastric bypass

Finally, the last thing you can do if you’re worried about loose skin after WLS (weight loss surgery) is to use a salt scrub on your skin on a regular basis. 

Salt scrubs help to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, whilst also nourishing the skin with minerals. 

Salt scrubs have been found to improve skin elasticity and boost circulation and blood flow, which in turn aids in the firming and tightening of the skin. 

In Conclusion

Loosening of skin after a gastric bypass surgery is a common problem, however, you do not have to panic. The above mentioned tips are quite easy to follow and are effective. If you stick to a health daily routine, you will notice positve changes faster. However, consult your doctor about the kind of food you can consume for the first couple of months, just to make sure that you are on the right track.