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Can You Really Lose 23 Pounds In 3 weeks?


If you have been trying hard to lose weight and have been searching for weight loss programs, then you must have come across the 3 week diet, now if you are wondering what is the 3 week diet program, well, it is a diet program that promises fast weight loss. The man behind this, Brian Flatt, makes a claim that you can lose between 13 and 23 pounds of fat in only three weeks. But, can you really lose 23 pounds in 3 weeks?

Well, here is a detailed review that will help you understand how this program makes it possible to lose weight.

What is the 3 week diet program all about?

The 3 week diet is basically a combination of different diets which are clubbed together into many phases. The diet starts off with a detox phase, then a fasting phase which is optional and that is followed by two different low carb phases.

As you would wonder, with a diet promising such quick weight loss, the diet actually seem quite extreme – and to follow each phase to the fullest potential is not easy. It may make you feel really drained out.

However, as it is only for 3 weeks, plus the final phase is pretty easy, it can be easily done. You can follow the diet in a slightly less extreme form, simply knowing that you are not maximizing your weight loss.

Is there anything fishy?

As expected, in order to assist weight loss, the plan has a workout program. This is divided into two parts with different kinds of exercises.

Certain things you will have to as part of the program is to walk every day before you have your breakfast.

There is also an optional part which is a classic dumbbell based workout program, this is intended to maximize the fat reduction.

Since this workout is optional, if you are not a fan of this kind of workout, it is still ok, you will easily slim down without it, however, you will slim down more if you put in that extra effort.

can you really lose 23 pounds in 3 weeks?

Does it really work?

Yes, it does work, even though you wish to lose weight in 3 weeks, you will have to really work a bit harder and stick to the program.

There have been a lot of testimonials from people who have found this program to be really very successful.

Many people have actually lost weight in a matter of just three weeks and thereby, the program certainly does produce great results.

The man behind this program, Brian Flatt, mentions a lot of scientific studies which backs his rationale for every phase of this diet and goes on to explain as to how he tested out the diet on himself.

This program is for:

  • Any person who aims to lose weight quickly.
  • People who have the willingness to get rid of the food cravings.

This program is not for:

  • Those who are on a strict medical diet
  • The Raw Vegans
  • The Vegetarians out there may have some challenges especially during the detox phase unless they are ok with eating eggs

What are the things that are included in this program?

The 3 week diet program consists of four manuals and they are as follows.

The Introduction Manual:

This explains why we become fat and the science behind this special diet’s success. There is a discussion on what one must do and what one must avoid when they are in this diet.

There are recommendations made on the food that one must be taking in order to achieve fast weight loss

A Detailed Diet Plan Manual: 

This provides clear instructions to calculate the BMR and also provides tips on what you should consume in order to lose weight.

Workout manual:

This gives detailed instructions on how to perform the Full Excess fat Blasting Workout. It includes a set of instructions.

The Motivation Manual: 

Some ideas to put you on track with the diet. Hopefully seeing the weight loss and feeling the changes will be motivating enough.

If you are willing to lose weight or transform your lifestyle for good, then you can give this program a try. Click here to purchase the program.

Program: The 3 Week Diet
Price: $47
Personal Rating: 4/5